Clash Of Realms

Choose Your Hero

Fighters have been raised in the fiery furnace of battle. Claiming victory over their enemies with steel in their hands and death at their feet. These warriors are not to be taken lightly.

Arcane are the wizards, the magic tamers, and tome readers. Fight off your enemies with powerful ranged and close up magic and dispell them of their bonuses.

Rogues are sneaky little blighters. They can shroud themselves in darkness, making your enemies unable to determine what they are attacking. When shrouded, rogues are able to sneak up on enemies and perform massive amounts of damage. Beware the rogue.

Divine are the holy seakers. They are the stone which is cast at the forehead of evil. With a mixture of power and magic, bring down your foes with this powerful class. Heal your troops and your allies. Defend yourself and claim victory over the wicked.